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Help individuals like Tony. Donate today.

Meet Tony, a MRI Day Vocational Training participant. Tony may be blind, but that doesn't stop him from pursuing his passions, including music. Tony taught himself to play piano by ear at the age of five. However, his musical abilities don't stop there! Tony can also play keyboard, auto harp and sing.

Tony enjoys playing the piano because other people enjoy it. One of his favorite things to do is make new friends and he feels he does this best through music. He used to travel around to various nursing homes and libraries to play piano for the guests. He hopes to start doing that again soon so he can continue meeting new people. His current goal is to create a CD and hear himself on the radio.

MRI is helping him achieve those goals. Tony is currently employed as MRI's lunchtime musical entertainer. Each weekday he can be found playing piano outside the cafeteria so those who are eating lunch can enjoy some smooth tunes. Aside from being able to make money by doing what he loves, Tony is also making new friends. Everyday, people stop in the hallway to compliment his music and strike up a conversation.

When Tony is not playing one of the various instruments he enjoys, he can be found bowling with his friends, hanging out with his girlfriend or watching a classic Western film. Help individuals like Tony. Donate today.

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